Gerard Direct - " Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Reign of Terror: Mass Graves Found Near Alexandria and Port Said"

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In the last issue of news alert, we suggested that things were getting worse in Egypt, where the death toll on city streets is rapidly mounting. Yesterday, the news got much worse.

GerardDirect has learned, from some of our most trusted sources, about mass graves that were found in northern Egypt. Victims of the Muslim Brotherhood's war against Christians, the graves are the stark results of a war that the world has been largely ignoring.

Breaking News:  Air raid sirens have been heard in major cities throughout northern Israel, which was attacked today by several katyusha rockets, fired from Palestinian enclaves in Lebanon. According to Israeli sources, four rockets were fired from the Al Kalila region in Tyre district in southern Lebanon, although two of them fell inside Lebanon. GerardDirect will follow the story and send out a special report if the situation worsens.

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Reign of Terror: Mass Graves Found Near Alexandria and Port Said

America’s support for Mohammed Morsi during his brief tenure as President of Egypt was worse than just bad foreign policy. It was support for an evil, violent, and corrupt regime that make the excesses of Hosni Mubarak seem almost trivial.

Latest information coming out of Egypt reports that mass graves have been discovered in northern Egypt, containing the bodies of thousands of Coptic Christians. Many of them showed signs of extreme torture. According to our sources, three different sites were found, one ten miles south of Alexandria, one five miles east of the city along the Shore Highway, and at least one more in Port Said about two miles not far from the Port Said-Cairo Highway. The sources reported that the graves contained the bodies of women and children as well as men. Although some of the bodies were reported to be newly deceased, dead for only a week or so, most are said to have been dead for much longer, from 12 to 18 months.

Egyptian journalist Ahmed Musa reported last week that the Brotherhood leadership had murdered more than 80 people. Some of the victims were accused of being police informants. Their bodies were buried in a mass grave at Rab‘a. 

There is no moral justification for supporting a regime that sanctioned the targeting of churches or the Christians of Egypt, or the harassment, rape, torture, and murder of secular Muslims and political opponents, as happened during Morsi’s year long presidency and his attempt to Islamicize Egypt. But the slaughter of thousands, because they did not conform to the requirements of radical Islam, is nothing less than pure evil.

There should be no question in Washington about which side of the conflict we are on. The Muslim Brotherhood seeks an Islamic nation governed under Shariah law, and while they rush to cry “innocent victim” and "peaceful demonstrators" when their gun-carrying, rock throwing fighters are shot in the street by Egyptian security forces, they seem to have little problem making victims of fellow Egyptians who reject their brand of radical Islam, or worse, practice Christianity. The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood despises the West, openly rejects their 30-year old peace treaty with Israel, and has no tolerance for those whose religious beliefs do not conform to their own.

The secular military, on the other hand, supports the West and the peace treaty with Israel, fights fiercely against terrorism, and embraces diversity in the Egyptian population. In the face of the vicious street fighting waged by Morsi supporters, the brutal murder of civilians who oppose them, the destruction and looting of priceless antiquities from Egyptian museums, and the deadly attacks on public buildings, the interim Egyptian government has responded fiercely. The  ferocity of the government response to  the Muslim Brotherhood’s street war and the ongoing arrests of Brotherhood leaders may seem unduly strong to Western minds, but it is probably the only thing that will save Egypt from total destruction from within.

On which side should America come down in this civil war? On the side of anti-West, radical Islamists whose mission it is to make Egypt an Islamist state despite the will of its population? Or on the side of the pro-Wes interim government, allied with Egypt’s military, that is striving for an inclusive society governed by democratic principles?

It’s not a difficult choice. How strange that Washington has such a difficult time making it.

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