Karen Testerman - Special Announcement


     America's strength lies in her people when they are free to be creative, to make choices, to succeed or fail.   

     But the America of today is weak and failing because bureaucracies in Washington restrict the choices of the individual thru punitive taxes, onerous rules and overreaching regulations.  Washington is running amok.  We need the will to refocus on the Constitutional blueprint to restore liberty to you, the American people."

     On Wednesday 14, 2013, standing beside "Millie" the Mill Girl in Manchester, I officially launched an exploratory committee for a run for the United States Senate in 2014.

     Like the fabrics created in those Mills, born of hard work, dedication, a belief in a better tomorrow, so too are the timeless traits woven into the fabric of this great nation that we hold so dear. Those founding principles still apply, but to survive the current attack on our foundations, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, we need a ground swell of those who will step up to the fight.

     As you have walked beside me at pro-life marches, pro-2nd amendment rallies, distributing state and federal constitutions, and in the halls of the State House, we have made a difference. We can do it again!

This is why I need your help! It will not be an easy battle, but it is one we can win. I am ready to fight!

     I cannot do it alone. Will you join me? If I receive 5,000 signatures of support (DraftKaren.com), I will run for the U.S. Senate seat now occupied by Jeanne Shaheen. It will not be easy, but together we can

     With your help we can make a difference.  It will also take money.  If you can make a $10 donation you can become one of the "Founders of Karen" circle. 

     Go to DraftKaren.com and be one of the 5,000 who support me to run in 2014.   And if you can, become a "Founder of Karen" with a $10 non-deductible tax donation. 

Be in prayer.  Be informed.  Be involved.  


Authorized and Paid for By Friends of Karen,
by Treasurer Jonathon Moseley, Esq.
Post Office Box 3874, Concord, New Hampshire 03302


by Michael, The Economic Collapse Blog
"How can anyone not see that the U.S. economy is collapsing all around us?  It just astounds me when people try to tell me that "everything is just fine" and that "things are getting better" in America."

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Ed Naile on Voter Fraud

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