NHDP - NHGOP Launches Desperate Attack Against Senator for Child Advocacy Work

In Despicable Attempt to Deflect from Bragdon and Forrester's Ethical Scandal, NHGOP Launches Desperate Attack Against Senator for Child Advocacy Work

Concord - Desperate and scrambling to defend scandal plagued Republican State Senators Peter Bragdon and Jeanie Forrester, the New Hampshire Republican Party is scrapping the bottom of the ethical barrel with its response.  New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein released the following statement on the disgraceful ploy.

"The NHGOP should be embarrassed, covering for a disgraced Republican politician lining his own pockets with $180,000 from the taxpayer funded LGC, by attacking a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness for children with chronic illnesses is downright shameful.   
"Senator Woodburn works part time at an organization that raises awareness for sick children, the Council for Children with Chronic Health Conditions.  He had this position before he was elected to the state senate, voters were aware that he works on behalf of sick children before they voted for him last fall, and they appreciate his hard work on what is too often a thankless issue.  
"Republicans are pitifully trying to deflect attention from Senator Bragdon abusing the powers of the Senate President's office to shield his new employer, the LGC from regulatory oversight. He didn't disclose his clear financial interest in the LGC when he appointed Senator Forrester to the LGC regulatory study committee.  That reckless and irresponsible decision was both wrong and unethical.  Then he and Forrester tried to cover it up and that was worse.

"Notably, not a single member of the Republican Senate Caucus has come to Bragdon's and Forrester's defense.  If Republicans really want to aid their scandal plagued pals, they should encourage them to come clean about their unethical involvement with the publicly funded LGC.  In the meantime, Republicans should apologize to Senator Woodburn and to the parents with sick children helped by the Council for Children with Chronic Health Conditions for trying to drag them through the mud."