Townhall Daily - August 25 - John Ransom, Derek Hunter, Austin Hill, Ransom Notes Radio, Mike Shedlock and More

John Ransom:
Obama on Vacation: The $28,429,533.47 Man

Derek Hunter:
The Ultimate Punishment

Austin Hill:
Is America Still "Pro-Business"?

Ransom Notes Radio:
Listen: Elbert Guillory is Great and Good

Mike Shedlock:
Prepare for War as Pentagon Refines Syria Response

Daniel J. Mitchell:
Why Tax Migration and Federalism Mean Doom for Left-Wing States such as New York, California, and Illinois


BREAKING: American doctor releases cancer cure before government spies find it
One famous, God-fearing American doctor is giving away all his most powerful cures and healing secrets in a huge 9-volume library…FREE. Thanks to Obama’s online spying, he believes it’s better to release information in print than let it get into the wrong hands. But only 715 copies are available through this video now. You’ll learn how cancer tumors can dry up to nothing, diabetes really can be defeated, heart disease reversed, Alzheimer’s worries wiped out… and so much more. To find out how to claim your own copy, just click here now.


Political Calculations:
Another Perk of Working For Uncle Sam: Less Work

Debra J. Saunders:
Prison Hunger Strike a Dangerous Game

Doug Giles:
Dear Black Thugs: You’re Making It Hard For White Devils to Believe You’re Innocent Children

Bruce Bialosky:
Let’s Talk About Race

Paul Jacob:
(B)Rand Recognition

Steve Chapman:
On the Farm, Making Room for Pigs


Marita Noon:
Yes, We Can Drill Our Way Out of This Problem

Michael Youssef:
The “Fear Factor” in Foreign Policy: The Case of Egypt