ALG's Daily Grind - Time for GOP to deliver a crushing blow to Obamacare

August 26, 2013

Wilson on Fox: Time for GOP to deliver a crushing blow to Obamacare

Republicans must strip Obamacare from the upcoming appropriations measure — and reject any effort by the Senate to re-insert it, forcing Obama and his allies to either accept a spending plan that does not contain Obamacare funding — or shut down the government in protest.

Why are foreigners dumping treasuries?

From the end of March through June, foreigners dumped $124 billion of U.S. treasuries after increasing assets for 15 months straight, according to data compiled by the U.S. Department of Treasury.

Al Gore's mind

Why didn't Ezra Klein ask former Vice President obvious questions about the failure of the earth to warm for the past fifteen years as he and his cronies have predicted in his exclusive interview?

Evans Pritchard: Emerging market rout threatens wider global economy

"The $9 trillion accumulation of foreign bonds by the rising powers of Asia, Latin America and the emerging world risks going into reverse as one country after another is forced to liquidate holdings to shore up its currency, threatening to inflict a credit shock on the global economy."