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Is Rep. Shea-Porter questioning fellow Democrat Rep. Cooper's intentions with 'No Budget, No Pay?'

This week, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D, NH-01) participated in a WMUR-TV "Leader's Listen" event.  At it, she was asked a question regarding her vote against "No Budget, No Pay" legislation that would have held paychecks from Members of Congress and the U.S. Senate if they are unable to pass a federal budget.


While it has been no secret that Rep. Shea-Porter opposed the heavily bi-partisan legislation, at the end of her exchange with a constituent, she says she "spoke to" an author of the legislation about his bill. During their conversation, she says the author "half smiled," suggesting that he agreed with Rep. Shea-Porter's faulty claim that his bill was either a political ploy or bad legislation.  Interestingly enough, while the legislation went through some changes as it was attached to the debt ceiling agreement, the Congressman who has been most credited as the original author of "No Budget, No Pay" is Democrat Rep. Jim Cooper (TN-05).


Click here to watch the video of Rep. Shea-Porter discussing 'No Budget, No Pay' 


Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire would like to know whether this conversation between Rep. Shea-Porter and Rep. Cooper actually happened as Rep. Shea-Porter has a history of falsifying events in Congress that never happened to suit her political needs. If the conversation was not with Rep. Cooper, then we would like to know who it was with.


 In 2010, Rep. Shea-Porter made a controversial comment at a Town Hall meeting that "we go to the ladies room, the Republican women and the Democratic women, and we just roll our eyes at what's being said out there.  Rep.Shea-Porter went on to say, "And the Republican women said when we were fighting over the health care bill, if we sent the men home, we could get this done this weekend." You can watch the video here. In response, a group of nine Republican congresswomen released a joint statement saying they disagree with what Shea-Porter said and that the conversation she referenced did not include them.


Honesty is paramount with those whom we elect to represent us and Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter has a history of falsifying stories about her interactions with other representatives in order to further her political career. We find it hard to believe that the author of one of the most bipartisan pieces of legislation in the 113th Congress would infer he had anything other than good intentions with 'No Budget, No Pay.'


However, we want to give Rep. Shea-Porter the opportunity to defend her statement. Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire is calling on Rep. Shea-Porter to confirm whether Rep. Cooper was the Congressman she had this interaction with. If it was, then Americans have the right to ask Mr. Cooper whether he ever suggested to Rep. Shea-Porter that one of his signature bills was just a political gimmick.


Approval for Obamacare continues to plummet in New Hampshire

A recent poll released by UNH this week shows an increasing disapproval for Obamacare in New Hampshire. The survey showed independents specifically polled at an all-time low with just a 15% approval of the law. The UNH poll also shows the majority of voters in New Hampshire have never approved of Obamacare since its passing and now that we know what's in the bill, it's even clearer that Granite Staters are increasingly unhappy with it.  


It's important to remember that both Rep. Carol Shea-Porter and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen voted for Obamacare and still continue to support it. New Hampshire needs to hold our elected officials responsible for their votes against their constituencies and ask them tough questions during their August recess in New Hampshire about this important issue.




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