- Violence from Concealed Carry Laws?

Mild, Mild West: IL counties see no problems from concealed carry

Why haven’t we heard about a wave of violence from Illinois counties that now allow concealed carry? Frankly, there haven’t been any, says one state attorney.

Feds raid home after couple searches for pressure cooker and backpack

If you ever wanted a visit from a team of federal anti-terrorism operatives, here’s how to make it happen. Step one: look up information about backpacks. Step two: Google “pressure cookers.”

Spare a buck? New $1 Obamacare fee begins Wednesday

A new Obamacare fee of $1 per person kicked in this week, but it's unlikely to stay that low in the years to come.

Too sexy for school: VA tax holiday covers lingerie, not sports wear

Virginia's back-to-school tax holiday will make it cheaper to buy lingerie for girls going back to school, but shin guards? Forget about it.

Navajo Nation will support NM horse processing plant

Navajo Nation had waded into a heated debate by declaring support for the first horse slaughterhouse in the U.S. in seven years

Packing on the pensions: WI reps collect state retirement on the federal dime

A number of U.S. House members, including four from Wisconsin, are collecting a state pension from their time working in local government while serving in Congress!

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