- The more we dig up, the dirtier it gets

Fox News is calling Terry McAuliffe and his car company GreenTech the next DC scandal.

Watchdog’s continuing 8-month investigation into Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffe and GreenTech has prompted the SEC to investigate GreenTech and its sister company, Gulf Coast Funds Management.

And just a few days before this scandal, DHS announced an investigation into Obama’s #2 pick for Homeland Security, Alexander Mayorkas, for expediting visas for Terry & GreenTech.

And if you didn’t think it could get any worse, it does.

These expedited visas were for Chinese investors being separately investigated by the House Intelligence Committee!

The more we learn, the more Watchdog digs up, the dirtier it gets.

This isn’t just about McAuliffe’s failed business venture anymore – it’s about his abuse of government power and the potential national security threat he’s caused.

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This story all started with Watchdog’s hard-hitting investigation, asking questions no one else was willing to ask.

As a result, Watchdog is driving the narrative and forcing the mainstream media to cover an issue they’d rather keep hidden.

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Outrageous, I know! But the government desperately wants to cover this information up. They want to maintain the status quo.

But here at Watchdog, we refuse to back down. The time to expose the truth is now.

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Jason Stverak
The Franklin Center

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