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US District Court/Boston Operates as Criminal Enterprise

Dockets and transcripts altered to obstruct justice, usurp the judicial process and deny jury trials - in defiance of their oaths to protect the Constitution and the integrity of legal profession

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Zed McLarnon, a forensic investigator/expert witness since 1984, was credited as “the first person to prove that judges and courts alter hearing tapes, docket sheets and transcripts,” in the 1990’s has now gathered evidence, including the admissions of judges, clerks and transcriptionists, that proves Massachusetts courts and US District Court/Boston, the US Court of Appeals and the First Circuit Judicial Conduct Committee operate as criminal enterprises.

Mr. McLarnon is the coordinator of the Hanover Street Coalition. He submitted a tort lawsuit in Middlesex Superior Court against the City of Malden and Water Works Supply Co., Inc. (McLarnon v. City of Malden) for Nuisance and Neglect regarding dozens of floods that damaged the houses and home businesses on Hanover Street, including McLarnon’s world-class audio visual studio and technical lab, driving him out of business and into bankruptcy.

During the trial, McLarnon submitted eyewitness testimony and pictures of flood water surging out of City catch-basins and Water Works Supply Company’s drainage system pipes dumping their drainage water onto the properties of McLarnon and his neighbors. Zed also submitted engineering reports from expert civil engineers and even the City of Malden’s own engineers admitting that the drainage system “doesn’t work.” Yet, Judge Herman Smith shocked the jury members and McLarnon when he issued a Directed Verdict based on the psychotic claim that “the rain came from the sky,” in defiance of the pictures showing water being dumped onto McLarnon’s property that Judge Smith, himself, allowed in as Exhibits! The defendants submitted no material evidence.

McLarnon had to wait two-and-a-half years to obtain a transcript, and when it arrived it had been illegally altered to remove testimony and the presentation of evidence supporting McLarnon’s case.

McLarnon made an appeal to the Massachusetts Appeals Court. He discovered his case file had been illegally altered to dismiss his case. He submitted proof that the case file had been illegally altered to dismiss his case and the justices re-opened his case. But, McLarnon knew he couldn’t receive a fair trial in a court that  illegally alter case files to dismiss bona fide appeals – and, as with the Superior Court judge, they accept their salaries and department budgets fraudulently.

Mr. McLarnon filed a civil rights lawsuit in US District Court Boston (McLarnon v. City of Malden) against the Malden and Water Works defendants and Judge Smith, the transcriptionists and the lawyers that suborned Judge Smith to unlawfully issue a Directed Verdict that sabotaged the jury process and robbed Mr. McLarnon of a jury trial based on the evidence, and the transcriptionist that illegally altered the trial transcripts.

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley’s Office, Judge Smith, the other state actors and the City of Malden defendants failed to submit an Answer and, pursuant to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 8(d) “made an admission to all of the allegations in McLarnon’s complaint,” including “operating courts as criminal enterprises” and “altering court records.”

In defiance of the fact that most of the defendants “made an admission” to McLarnon’s allegations, US District Court Judge Rya Zobel acted as a lawyer for them, claimed judges have immunity to commit felonies and treason “if they have their robes on” and openly mocked the Constitution and rule of law from the bench. McLarnon brought six witnesses to the hearing. They wrote affidavits attesting to the fact that the fraud upon the court by Water Works and Malden attorneys is missing from the transcript and the presentation of evidence by McLarnon is also missing. “Another court that altered records to obstruct justice, usurp the judicial process and overthrow the Constitution and empower judges and lawyers and deny me justice,” said Zed McLarnon.

McLarnon appealed to the US Court of Appeals/Boston and the Judicial Conduct Committee including the affidavits of the six eyewitnesses, and US Postal Receipts that prove the docket sheet has been illegally altered. Yet, the Court of Appeals and Judicial Conduct Committee refused to end the illegal alteration of court records stating, “We have been assured the records are correct.”  “That’s impressive evidence isn’t it?” asked McLarnon cynically.

McLarnon made complaints to the FBI, including Director Robert Mueller. Mueller had assistant director Nancy Nelson call McLarnon to inform him that the FBI would not assign a task force, but would assign the case to the Boston FBI. She told McLarnon if he could find more victims then the FBI would become involved. McLarnon found other people whose court transcripts and dockets had also been illegally altered, including Mr. Dan Iagatta, Sgt. Charles Weaver and Peter Philips.

McLarnon helped Dan Iagatta, a quadriplegic; file a civil rights lawsuit in US District Court/ Boston. Judge Nathanial Gorton dismissed Mr. Iagatta’s case because he, a quadriplegic, could not sign his complaint. After that was overcome, Judge Gorton handed the case over to a magistrate and, in the process, “lost” a forensic report McLarnon submitted that proved the hearing tapes in Mr. Iagatta’s case were illegally altered to unlawfully remove his children. Without the report as proof, the magistrate dismissed Mr. Iagatta’s case. “Dan’s case is another example that US District Court/Boston, and every other court I’ve been in since 1994, operates as a criminal enterprise where the illegal alteration of court records is the connecting factor,” said Mr. McLarnon.

Mr. McLarnon helped Mr. Iagatta visit the FBI/Boston to submit proof of edited court hearing tapes in the exact same courts as McLarnon’s case – proving a pattern and practice – but this time the FBI would not only decline to act on the overwhelming evidence that proves Massachusetts courts and US District Court/Boston alter court records to obstruct justice, usurp the judicial process and deny justice, but during a confrontation between McLarnon and FBI agents, the supervisor appeared and when asked about their oath to the Constitution, Supervising  Agent Swanson boasted to McLarnon, “The FBI doesn’t follow the Constitution anymore.” When McLarnon asked what the FBI does follow, she said, “Case law.” Judicial rulings over their oath to the Constitution. “The abandonment of the Constitution in favor of judicial rulings empowers judges and lawyers and undermines the Constitution they took an oath to preserve and upon which their bond and salaries are issued.”

Agent Thomas Hopkins of the Department Of Justice (DOJ) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) filed a complaint against the FBI for their refusal to prosecute the state judges and clerks that admitted they operate state courts as criminal enterprises, but it was covered up by top DOJ officials in the US Marshals, OIG and the Attorney General’s Office.

McLarnon made complaints to Rep. Lamar Smith and the House Judiciary Committee and Representative Darrell Issa and the House Oversight Committee, but both committees covered up that fact that lawyers and judges operate courts as criminal enterprises, which is actively covered up by the DOJ and Congress.

McLarnon then sent his evidence, including admissions of guilt by state judges and clerks, eyewitness affidavits and criminal complaints filed by the DOJ-OIG to Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama. They, too, covered up the crimes and appointed Carmen Ortiz as US Attorney in Boston. US Attorney Ortiz refused to take McLarnon’s evidence to a Grand Jury for an indictment, and she is currently denying McLarnon’s right to access a Grand Jury regarding government corruption.

“America’s courts operate as criminal enterprises,” says McLarnon, “and lawyers in the DOJ, the Judiciary, Congress and the White House cover up these crimes that rob citizens of their constitutional rights, sacred court system and jury trials.”       

McLarnon, a pioneer in exposing systemic court corruption, is obviously a patriot and whistleblower, but as happens all too often, whistleblowers such as McLarnon are targeted, prosecuted and destroyed by government officials who allow judges to operate a shadow government where presidential races are determined in court, judges “legislate from the bench” laws that oppose the will of the voters, and they write court rules that empower themselves and deprive citizens of basic rights, just as the Founding Fathers warded us they would do.

“US District Court/Boston is in the news as the trials of Whitey Bulger and the Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, are being tried there,” explained McLarnon, “and everyone should be aware that it operates as a criminal enterprise, in which transcripts and docket sheets are illegally altered and judges mock the Constitution and rule of law from the bench.”

Congressional treason occurs when Congress knowingly funds federal and state courts that illegally alter records, and the DOJ that covers up these crimes and treason, and the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees cover up these high crimes and treason known to every lawyer, including AG Eric Holder and President Barack Obama.

Ian Williams – Aug. 7, 2013