NHDP - NH Republicans Should Cancel Fundraising Event with Convicted Felon

Concord – With the New Hampshire Republican State Committee bouncing checks, Republicans in New Hampshire are so desperate for campaign cash they have invited a convicted felon to a fundraising event this fall.  Republicans in Windham invited Vincent Albert "Buddy" Cianci, Jr. to an event they are holding in September.

“With bouncing checks and a tax evading chair, New Hampshire Republicans are clearly the financially bankrupt party, but if they go through with holding a fundraiser featuring a twice convicted felon they will be morally bankrupt as well,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  “It is incredibly disappointing that New Hampshire Republicans would even consider holding an event featuring a twice convicted federal criminal.  They should cancel it immediately and apologize to the law abiding citizens of New Hampshire."

Cianci was twice convicted of felonies.  Facing charges for assault, kidnapping and rape, he plead guilty to assault, for “throw[ing] an ashtray at [another man], burn[ing] him with a cigarette and menac[ing] him with a fireplace log.”  Later Cianci was also convicted of federal racketeering charges – running a criminal enterprise – after being caught “pocketing $1.5 million in bribes on city contracts.” [New York Daily News, 7/20/2013; WPRI, 3/28/2013]

“Will Kelly Ayotte, Jeb Bradley, Frank Guinta and other Republicans be appearing at the event to have their picture taken with the criminal guest of honor?  Will they be using the dirty and tainted Republican State Party funds to support their future campaigns?” asked Kirstein.  “Voters of New Hampshire deserve to know if Ayotte, Bradley, Guinta, and other Republicans are actively soliciting and using campaign funds from individuals who have broken the laws of the United States of America.”