NHDP Statement on Reckless and Irresponsible GOP Medicaid Scheme

Concord - New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein issued the following statement responding to the reckless and irresponsible scheme for Medicaid Expansion proposed by New Hampshire Republicans today.

"In their radical right-wing crusade against everything Obamacare, New Hampshire Republicans have thrown commonsense to the wind in favor of their extremist Tea Party ideology.  This scheme is surpassed in its fiscal irresponsibility only by its callous disregard for thousands of New Hampshire residents without health insurance.

"Is this reckless and irresponsible plan really the best the NHGOP could come up with?  Clearly New Hampshire Republicans have absolutely no concern for working Granite Staters struggling to support their families and afford health coverage.  They parachuted in a right-wing blogger to come up with a nonsensical plan behind closed doors that would cost the state millions in general fund taxpayer dollars, while leaving $2.5 billion dollars in federal funding to strengthen our economic and health security on the table and undermining health care for hard working New Hampshire families.  Their plan would force working people struggling with poverty to pay $6,000 as an individual and $12,000 for a family out of their own pockets for health deductible costs before being covered for basic health services.  Republicans' plan prevents working people from accessing basic health care unless they spend 40-50% of their annual income first.  It is shameful and remind of just how out of touch the NHGOP is with traditional New Hampshire values."