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Are you tired of President Obama handing out exemptions for ObamaCare to special interest groups and Members of Congress? It’s especially disappointing when our friends and neighbors are getting laid off, getting their hours cut, and having their wages reduced to pay for this outrageous law.

Don’t you think we all deserve an exemption to the flawed and failing ObamaCare law?


Here at AFP, we know that everybody should get relief, not just those with political connections.


That’s why we’d ask you to please sign our new Exempt Me Too petition located HEREMore importantly, please share this with your friends and neighbors who also deserve a break. We could really use your help in getting out the word.


The website will collect petitions from hard-working taxpayers like you who want to join us in calling on the Obama administration to offer exemptions from ObamaCare to average Americans from the tax hikes, reduced access and increased premiums included in the health care reform law. 


The administration has had no trouble giving exemptions to numerous groups, including members of Congress, labor unions and employers in Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district.


We think it’s time for the President to show the same level of concern for the hard-working American families who are left holding the bag with the higher taxes, more expensive health insurance and reduced access that he has shown these special interests. 


If you agree, please sign and share our Exempt Me Too petition located HERE.


All Americans deserve relief from ObamaCare, not just the politically well-connected.


If you agree, please sign and share our new Exempt Me Too petition with your friends and family located HERE today.


Live Free or Die!


Greg Moore

State Director

Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire


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