ALG's Daily Grind - America's grassroots awakens on Syria, Obamacare

Sept. 12, 2013

America's grassroots awakens on Syria, Obamacare

House postpones votes on the authorization to use military force in Syria, and a continuing resolution that would allow funding for Obamacare to go into effect.

America still surprises me

America is bigger than its government, it is a people who understand that freedom matters, and with that freedom comes responsibility. 

Rooftop solar: Welfare for the wealthy?

Subsidy-loving President Obama has launched an Arizona-specific campaign lauding those who have made "the switch" to solar.

Evans-Pritchard: Romantic Germany risks economic decline as green dream spoils

Ambrose Evans Pritchard notes Germany's short-sighted decision to shut down one-fifth of its electricity over nuclear fears in the wake of Fukushima that now threaten its manufacturing-based economy.