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New Hampshire’s Ten-Year Transportation Plan includes a deficit of $955 million. Ten years of projects that cost $3.5 billion are proposed while there is only $2.5 billion of funding available. Is this any way to run a railroad? Actually, it’s a pretty good way.

In 1985, then-governor John Sununu created a planning process called the ten-year highway plan by executive order. Now a state-law, the ten year plan is a roadmap of all of the projects the state’s plans to undertake over the next ten years and the funding available to pay for them. This again is an area where sensible government prevails in New Hampshire over a Washingtonian model (here as in most places you should read Washington as a synonym for indefensible lunacy)... Click here to keep reading.


Obamacare Facade Continues to Crumble

Access Drastically Reduced in Anthem 'Pathway' Plan

For thousands across New Hampshire, and millions of Americans, ObamaCare is taking away their doctor and taking away their health care plan. That’s despite the empty promises used to sell a sloppy law passed by people who didn’t know what was in it... Click here to keep reading

Lowest Labor Force Participation Since 1978

The August jobs report seemed rosy on the surface; unemployment dropped from 7.4% to 7.3%, and 169,000 jobs were added. Looking closer at the data we see that this is anything but good news. While unemployment did drop by just shy of 200,000, the size of the labor force also contracted by 300,000 resulting in more than 500,000 people no longer seeking work.d... Click here to keep reading.


3.9 Million Transactions and Counting


The Josiah Bartlett Center's government transparency site has every last state transactions through the end of May 2013. Haven't used the site yet? Click here to start looking!