CEI Weekly: Former EPA Administrator Grilled About Emails to Lobbyist


Featured Story: Former EPA Administrator Grilled About Emails to Lobbyist


This week, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform asked former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson about her emails to a Siemens Corporation lobbyist, particularly one in which she asked the lobbyist to use her home email address rather than her EPA one. Watch CEI's short video on the story here. Also, read Marlo Lewis' GlobalWarming.org post here.


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September 11, 2013: Ronald Coase, 1910-2013 (Watch here)


Ronald Coase, a massively influential economist and winner of the 1991 economics Nobel, has passed away at the age of 102. CEI Founder and Chairman Fred Smith discusses Coase’s major works, the animating themes that unite them, and the fact that Coase was always a man of great personal and intellectual humility — a trait that escapes many of his peers. In 2004, Smith sat down with Coase for an extended interview, which you can watch here.

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