NHDP - Did “Numbers Guy” Sen. Morse Leave His Calculator Behind When He Became Senate President?

Concord – Despite claims of beings a “numbers guy” Senate President Chuck Morse apparently forgot to read the Republican alternative to Medicaid Expansion before touting it as it presentation as having “detailed a real opportunity” for New Hampshire.  Just 24 hours later, Morse was backpedaling at full speed, trying to say that no plan existed yet.  [Union Leader, 9/12/2013]
“It looks like noted ‘numbers guy’ Senator Morse forgot to bring his calculator with him when he became Senate President,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  “The frightening deductible costs Morse claimed were scare tactics on Thursday were included in the presentation he was touting so vigorously on Tuesday.  So did Morse not read the proposal before issuing his partisan statement at the beginning of the week, or after being called out for his reckless and unaffordable plan is he now flip-flopping and running away from it?”
Clearly printed on page 23 of Avik Roy’s presentation on the Republican Medicaid alternative are the costs for both the state of New Hampshire and the working Granite Staters enrolled in the GOP plan.  The state of New Hampshire would have to pick up $46 million without any matching funds from the federal government, while individuals would be on the hook for $6,000 in out of pocket deductible costs.  That is half of the annual income of an individual eligible to be enrolled.

“Reasonable people should look at the numbers in this plan and recoil from at least a fiscal standpoint if not a moral standpoint,” continued Kirstein.

In addition, even though elected New Hampshire Republicans have compared health reform to a fatal plane crash and slavery, Senate President Morse asked opponents of his low quality, fiscally irresponsible catastrophic health scheme to "tone down their rhetoric."

"Opposing a plan that would force people to pay more than half of their income for low quality health coverage and that would cost the state $3 billion dollars isn't rhetoric, it's basic common sense," said Kirstein.
While Medicaid Expansion would save the state $45 million total between 2014 and 2022, the Republican plan would have a yearly $46 million price tag.  Additionally, the Republican proposal would reject $2.4 billion dollars in federal funds.  As a whole the Republican plan would cost New Hampshire almost $400 million in economic growth and 700 new jobs created under Medicaid expansion. [Lewin Group, Jan 2013]