ALG - Mother Earth refuses to cooperate

Sept. 16, 2013

Mother Earth refuses to cooperate

Poor global cooling skeptics are stuck in a pattern of backfilling and desperate explanations as to why their bold predictions of earth's overheated doom not only haven't come true, but actually may be 100 percent wrong.

Cartoon: Obamacare's enforcers

SEIU to "help" Americans sign up for Obamacare.

The conservative lesson of Moral Mondays

North Carolina's infamous Moral Monday protests did not end with the legislative session.  Activists last week took their anti-Republican chorus to Southern Pines, with other towns and cities sure to follow.

American Commitment: Citizens United obsession motivated Lois Lerner to shut out Cincy

Turns out Lois Lerner knew everything about the tea party cases, and may have saw them as a means to defy the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision that allowed 501(c)4 organizations to engage in electioneering.