Political Headlines - September 16, 2013

  • Martha Coakley launches bid for Mass. governor: In a promotional video posted online, the attorney general tried to shake the perception from her devastating 2010 Senate loss that she is aloof. Jim O'Sullivan details her campaign.


  • Budget, debt ceiling loom on Capitol Hill: Lawmakers have only a handful of days in session to prevent a government shutdown and a debt default, yet virtually no progress toward compromise has been made. Noah Bierman reports.


  • Lawrence Summers won't seek Fed post: The Harvard professor is asking not to be considered for chief of the Federal Reserve as opposition mounts over his style and his record. Noah Bierman and Matt Viser report.


  • Martha Coakley's redemption tour begins: The attorney general's run for governor is about removing a stain - the memory of her loss to Scott Brown in the 2010 Senate race.  Adrian Walker details her campaign.