NHDP - Gov O'Malley (D-MD) Join me in New Hampshire!

Dear Friend: 

I want you to be the first to know that I will be joining you on November 16 in Manchester at the 2013 Jefferson Jackson Dinner. 

Last year, when I was in New Hampshire campaigning for both Governor Maggie Hassan and President Obama, your candidates were hard at work talking to voters, raising crucial funds, and spreading their message across the state. I am so happy that all of that hard work paid off, and that I will be sharing the stage on November 16 with Governor Hassan, Senator Shaheen, Congresswoman Shea-Porter, and Congresswoman Kuster! 
  Click here to join me November 16 at the 2013 Jefferson Jackson Dinner.

In Concord and in Washington, New Hampshire Democrats are leading the way with their plans to grow the economy, create good-paying jobs, and expand opportunity for hard-working Granite State families.  
That’s what we’ve been doing over the last seven years in Maryland as well -- making better choices and achieving better results. Even though we experienced shrinking revenues as a result of the national recession, we stayed focused on investing in critical priorities like education, infrastructure, and innovation. As a result of those investments, we are seeing results.  Maryland is a national leader in schools, median income, holding down the cost of college tuition, and innovation and entrepreneurship.

In Maryland, we have also focused on equal rights, inclusion, and respect for the dignity of every individual. That's why we embraced forward-looking policies like a state level DREAM Act and marriage equality. 
I’m coming to New Hampshire to share this message of results, and to stand with New Hampshire Democrats as we continue the important work that needs to be done and to help re-elect your outstanding leaders in 2014. 

I look forward to meeting you on November 16 at the Jefferson Jackson Dinner. 


Martin O’Malley
Governor of Maryland