US Sen Shaheen - It's Todd Akin 2.0

Jeanne Shaheen


It’s Todd Akin 2.0 – only worse. Defeat Rubens' extreme agenda. Contribute.

This morning, it was reported that Jim Rubens said the rise of working women caused mass shootings and other violence by men to increase. Today, as he announced his Senate campaign against Jeanne Shaheen, he deleted the blog post while standing by the argument.

Rubens blames the “female-centric” economy for males “falling over the edge.” This is the latest attack in the endless Republican War on Women. We defeated Todd Akin in 2012. We must defeat Jim Rubens now.

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Click here to donate $5 or more to help us expose Rubens’ radical views on women in the workplace. He’s out of touch with New Hampshire.

Extreme Super PACs have been building war chests for a candidate just like Rubens – and this will generate him even more support, on top of his personal millions.

Rubens defended - while simultaneously trying to hide - his belief that women in the workplace are to blame for violence in our society.

The blame belongs on a number of factors, primarily the perpetrator – and certainly not hardworking women doing what they can for their families.

Help us make sure Rubens knows it.

Thank you,

Kathy Sullivan