Jim Rubens’ claim that women in the workplace led to mass shootings didn’t go over well yesterday.  In case you missed it, check out how his out of touch comments were received in New Hampshire and nationally on the first day of his campaign:
BuzzFeed: “Former New Hampshire state Sen. Jim Rubens is jumping into the race to defeat Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen Wednesday. Before he even reaches the starting blocks, Democrats are questioning his ability to reach women voters.  The reason? A 2009 post on his website that connects the rise of working women with what he says is a rise in mass shootings and other violence perpetrated by men.” [BuzzFeed, 9/18/2013]
US NEWS HEADLINE: “The GOP to Women: Give Us Our Jobs Back or We'll Shoot”
  • Susan Milligan: “The latest message to female voters from a GOP candidate is this: Give us our jobs back, or we'll shoot. What else could be the reason, after all, for the mass shootings that have happened in recent years, wonders former New Hampshire state senator Jim Rubens, who is expected to challenge sitting Democratic Sen.Jeanne Shaheen, N.H.. Rubens…” [US News, 9/18/2013]
Concord Monitor: “[Democrats] also highlighted a 2009 post on Rubens’s blog that appeared to link “the collapsing number of male jobs in the increasingly female-centric economy” with violent crime, school shootings and serial killings by men.” [Concord Monitor, 9/19/2013]
Think Progress: “Jim Rubens, a former New Hampshire state senator who formally announced his entry into the race to challenge Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) on Wednesday, holds some controversial views on gun violence. In particular, he has repeatedly linked men’s supposedly declining prospects in the workplace to increasing gun violence and murder.” [ThinkProgress, 9/18/2013]
Union Leader: “Even before Rubens announced his candidacy Wednesday, the state and national Democratic Party tried to portray him as anti-woman and out of touch with Granite Staters. The political website "BuzzFeed.com" carried a story contending that Rubens, in his 2008 "OverSuccess," wrote that the rise of women into more managerial positions in the workplace has led to men "falling over the edge in increasing numbers" and increased violence.” [Union Leader, 9/19/2013]
Talking Points Memo: “Rubens wrote that the "collaborative" and "flexible" economy has allowed more women to enter the workforce. The fact that the economy has changed, Rubens also argued, has had a dangeous effect on men, causing a small portion of them to commit more acts of violence.” [TPM, 9/18/2013]
Nashua Telegraph: “In a 2009 blog posting, Rubens wrote about how many men struggling in the job market dealt with depression and a lack of self-worth while women in the workplace were on the ascendancy….In the posting, Rubens refers to the rising rate of violent crime by men.” [Nashua Telegraph, 9/19/2013]
Chuck Todd, NBC News' Political Director and Chief White House Correspondent (@chucktodd): “Rarely am stunned by what a candidate might say these days... but this is a jaw-dropper. http://www.buzzfeed.com/evanmcsan/new-hampshire-senate-candidate-more-women-in-the-workplace-l” (68 retweets)
McKay Coppins, BuzzFeed Political Editor (@mckaycoppins): “New Hampshire Senate candidate ties rise of women in the workplace to more mass shootings. http://www.buzzfeed.com/evanmcsan/new-hampshire-senate-candidate-more-women-in-the-workplace-l
Katrina vandenHeuvel, The Nation Magazine Editor and Publisher (@KatrinaNation): “GOP candidate sets new bar 4 insulting women?NH Senate Candidate: More Women In Workplace Led 2 More Mass Shootingshttp://www.buzzfeed.com/evanmcsan/new-hampshire-senate-candidate-more-women-in-the-workplace-l
U.S. News Opinion (@USNewsOpinion): “The tale of a New Hampshire state senator who thinks women being in the workforce is the reason for gun violence http://is.gd/wfGVoW
Patricia Zengerle, Reuters Reporter (@ReutersZengerle): "This in a state (NH) with two women senators - one Democrat and one Republican. http://www.buzzfeed.com/evanmcsan/new-hampshire-senate-candidate-more-women-in-the-workplace-l
Meredith Shiner, Roll Call Reporter (@meredithshiner) “Of course: #NHSen Candidate: More Women In The Workplace Led To More Mass Shootings http://www.buzzfeed.com/evanmcsan/new-hampshire-senate-candidate-more-women-in-the-workplace-l via @evanmcsan
Jeff Simon, Video Producer at The Washington Post (@jjsimonWP) “Well this is...bad. #NHSEN http://www.buzzfeed.com/evanmcsan/new-hampshire-senate-candidate-more-women-in-the-workplace-l"