Sen. Martha Fuller Clark appointed to Isles of Shoals Memorial Commission

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Clark (D-Portsmouth) joins commission overseeing construction of memorial marking 400 years since John Smith's ” discovery” of  these New Hampshire and Maine islands

(Portsmouth, NH) Senate Minority Leader Sylvia Larsen's office has announced the appointment of Senator Martha Fuller Clark (D-Portsmouth) to a commission created to oversee the creation of a memorial marking the 400th anniversary of Capt. John Smith's discovery of the island chain off the coast of New Hampshire and Maine. The memorial is to be funded with $40,000 of state funding matching $40,000 to be raised privately. The memorial will be sited at Ragged Neck in Rye Harbor State Park.

“The Isles of Shoals has been an important part of my life ever since I was a child growing up in York, Maine. Sen. Fuller Clark said. “We would picnic there several times every summer.  Since then we often take our children and visitors there. It truly is a magical place – strikingly beautiful and remote, yet so near. This memorial will serve to remind us of the early and rich history that the seacoast has to offer the State of New Hampshire and rest of the country."

The Isles of Shoals are a small chain of nine islands approximately ten miles off the coast of the New Hampshire and Maine. They were first noted on maps in 1614 by Capt. John Smith, who named the islands after himself, calling them the Smith Isles. They quickly became know as the Isles of Shoals, home to hundreds of cod fishermen during the 17th and 18th centuries and a haven for adventuresome and literary tourists in the 19th century. Today only one of the grand hotels remains, located on Star Island, owned and operated by the Unitarian Universalist church. On nearby Appledore is the Shoals Marine Laboratory housing the largest undergraduate filled marine science program in North America, sponsored jointly by the University of New Hampshire and Cornell University.

Sen. Clark will be joined on the committee by Sen. Nancy Stiles (R-Hampton), Representatives David Campbell (D-Nashua) and J. Tracy Emerick (R-Hampton), Benjamin Wilson from the NH Dept. of Natural Resources and Economic Development, and Commissioner D. Van McLeod from the NH Dept. of Cultural Resources. 

About Martha: Martha served terms in both the New Hampshire House and Senate since the ‘90s. A two-time candidate for the U.S. Congress, she currently serves as Vice-Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, a member of DNC and, in 2008 and again in 2012 served as co-chair of the New Hampshire Committee to elect Barack Obama President of the United States and, as a member of US Electoral College, voted from Pres. Obama and Vice-Pres. Biden after the 2008 election. Martha participates on many different boards and commissions in her community. She presently serves on the Board of Strawbery Banke, as an advisor to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and is the past President of Scenic America.