- Should U.S. strike Syria?

Media Shield Law Doesn’t Protect First Amendment, Free Press 

“The government shouldn’t be allowed to determine who is or who is not a journalist,” said Jason Stverak.

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 in response to the media shield bill passed in the Senate Judiciary Committee last week.

HAVE AT IT: If talks fail, should U.S. strike Syria?

It's hard to watch the images of death and suffering from Syria. . . but it's also hard to watch American caskets come home.

Click here to read more and tell us whether you think the U.S. should attack Syria! names Erik Telford as one of the most influential people in 2013

The Franklin Center's senior Vice President Erik Telford was named among a number of top journalists and advocates as one of the most influential people on the right for 2013. Congratulations Erik!

Find the full list here!

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