ALG's Daily Grind - If Republicans stand firm, Obamacare is toast

Sept. 20, 2013

If Republicans stand firm, Obamacare is toast

Switching to a debt-ceiling strategy midstream on Obamacare will unravel in the time it takes Harry Reid to make breakfast.

Obama's closing of America: Keystone's fifth birthday

Five years for a simple pipeline approval, it would not have been believable before Obama transformed America, now no one would be foolish enough to even apply.

Aussie Abbott set to axe the carbon tax!

While there are debates as to whether or not new Australian prime minister Tony Abbott will have the votes needed in the Senate to overturn the Labor Party's policies (though it looks like he can do it), the will of the people couldn't be clearer — the carbon tax is gone.

Schiff: The taper that wasn't

No exit strategy: "[E]asing up on the accelerator without ever hitting the brakes will not stop the car or turn it around."