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Political reporters, like the rest of us, tend to be schizophrenic and our actions often belie our words. We pretend to hate the perpetual campaign cycle, profess a longing for the days of shorter campaigns, but we don’t really mean it. What we actually want isa never ending campaign and endless stories about political horse races to ensure that no one ever discusses public policy in any meaningful way again... Click here to keep reading.


NHRS Posts 14.5% Return for 2013

But How Did We Really Do?

While 14.5% return makes for a great year, being 6.75 percentage points above the assumed rate of return of 7.75%, that number alone does not really speak to how well the fund did in relative terms. For example, 14.5% looks quite paltry if other state pension systems uniformly saw 24.5%. Likewise, 14.5% looks like a fantastic return if the fund benchmarks saw only 6%... Click here to keep reading

Labor Force Continues to Shrink

While the unemployment rate in New Hampshire dropped to 5.0% in August, the decline was not caused by an increase in employment, but by a decrease in the size of the workforce. According to the Household Survey, the number of employed residents dropped by 120, the number of unemployed residents dropped by 650, while the labor force as a whole shrank by 770.... Click here to keep reading.


3.9 Million Transactions and Counting


The Josiah Bartlett Center's government transparency site has every last state transactions through the end of May 2013. Haven't used the site yet? Click here to start looking!