Franklin Center - Journalism is an ACT, not a profession!


Your First Amendment rights are UNDER ATTACK!

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee led by Chuck Schumer and Lindsey Graham have attached an amendment to Senate Bill 987, which would give the Department of Justice power to determine who qualifies for protection as a journalist under the First Amendment.

Here at the Franklin Center, we believe in the power of a free press and that anyone can be a journalist. With a government so prone to waste, fraud, and abuse, America needs the common man to be free to speak truth to power.

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Our digital age allows anyone to be a journalist, regardless if you are employed by a specific company or have a degree from a specific institution. Journalism is something you do, not something you are.

Already have a law to protect the press from government meddling in our newsgathering efforts and excluding Americans from the reporting process. It’s called the First Amendment. 

Please join us in reminding Congress and all of America: journalism is an act, not a profession!