New website highlights Rubens' own out of touch writings and comments
Concord -  The New Hampshire Democratic Party is launching a new tumblr website today to highlight just how out-of-touch Jim Rubens really is, appropriately titled "Out There with Jim Rubens." The site can be viewed by clicking here: [Link: http://outtherewithjimrubens.tumblr.com/
The website highlights a number of Rubens' statements which are truly "out there" including commentary from his personal blog, OverSuccess.com. On his blog, Rubens boasted a "pampered life," bragged about "private charter flights," "private bungalows," and his "million dollar house" and "investment portfolio." Rubens took down his blog after his comments about women in the work place sparked national controversy and backlash on Wednesday. 
“Jim Rubens is out of touch with New Hampshire and with reality,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  “Our website will shine a bright light on just how far 'out there' Rubens really is by using his own writings to showcase that he doesn't understand the challenges facing working families."
"The bottom line is clear: Jim Rubens is wrong for New Hampshire's middle-class families," added Kirstein.