NHDP - NH Republican Candidates: Shut Down the Government

Guinta and Lambert praise GOP government shutdown scheme that would devastate New Hampshire economy

Concord -- Tea Party twins Gary Lambert and Frank Guinta are putting their extremist ideology ahead of the economic well-being of New Hampshire families and risking a government shutdown all in the name of their right wing crusade against Obamacare.  In the first congressional district, Frank Guinta told the Union Leader he supports the House Republican scheme that will shut down the government in an attempt to defund Obamacare.  In the second district, Lambert took the same irresponsible position.


“It's a shame that Frank Guinta and Gary Lambert want to put Social Security checks for Granite State senior citizens at risk, threaten veterans benefits for our men and women in uniform, and delay many government programs vital to the middle class all in the name of a Tea Party crusade to shut down the government,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  “The radical right wing Guinta-Lambert crusade to refight the health care battles of the past would devastate our economy. Granite Staters can't afford these types of reckless policies all in the name of the name of the Tea Party.”


Meanwhile, other conservative Republicans have rightfully denounced the reckless Guinta-Lambert scheme.  Former New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg likened it to “playing Russian roulette" and wrote that it was “bad for the American people.”[The Hill, 9/23/2013Senator McCain offered similar condemnation labeling the stunt, "a suicide note."[CNN, 9/16/2013] Additionally, Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf confirmed that it would increase the deficit. [7/11/2012].


“Lambert and Guinta are desperate to be the New Hampshire versions of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul - radical right wingers whose first concern are Republican special interests instead of the hardworking people of New Hampshire,” continued Kirstein.  




A Government Shutdown Now Would Be “Worse Than In The Clinton Era” Due To A Series Of Fiscal Deadlines. “The snarl this time is worse than in the Clinton era in at least two ways: It involves not just one deadline, but a series of deadlines over the next several weeks, any one of which could see normal government activities come to a halt. If Congress manages to slip past the end of the budget year, the next crisis will come when lawmakers face a vote in mid-October on raising the limit on the nation's debt.” [Los Angeles Times, 9/19/13]


The Last Time The Entire Government Shut Down About 800,000 Federal Employees Were Furloughed Without Pay. “The last time the entire government shut down, for five days midway through the Clinton administration, about 800,000 federal employees were furloughed without pay.” [Los Angeles Times, 9/19/13]


If The Federal Government Shuts Down:


·         “Soldiers Would Be Required To Report For Duty But Would Not Be Paid.” [Los Angeles Times, 9/19/13]


·         “National Parks Would Be Closed And Overnight Campers Would Be Given Two Days To Leave.” [Los Angeles Times, 9/19/13]


·         “Social Security Checks Would Go Out, But The Agency Would Stop Updating People's Earning Records.” [Los Angeles Times, 9/19/13]


·         “The State Department Would Stop Issuing Most Passports.” [Los Angeles Times, 9/19/13]


HEADLINE: “Shutdown Would Delay Military Pay” [Politico, 9/20/13]


·         Politico: “The Pentagon Will Not Have The Funds During The Days The Government Is Shut Down To Pay The Military And Civilian Employees Who Are Required To Work.” “But if the guidance provided in recent shutdown drills is any indication, the Pentagon will not have the funds during the days the government is shut down to pay the military and civilian employees who are required to work. During the shutdown scare in the spring of 2011, service members and essential Defense Department civilians were expected to work without receiving immediate pay.” [Politico, 9/20/13]