Freekeenenews - City Sues Robin Hooders AGAIN, Demands Jury Trial, Damages, Attorney’s Fees

City Sues Robin Hooders AGAIN, Demands Jury Trial, Damages, Attorney's Fees

City's new lawsuit tacitly admits that it IS about revenue, contradicting their previous claims.  The "City of Keene" has now filed another lawsuit against the same Robin Hooders (and Pete Eyre, who has never Robin Hooded) in Cheshire "superior" court. This time, they allege the same things as before, that we have cause them damage by "harassing" and "intimidating" their parking enforcers as part of a conspiracy to meddle with their employment contracts. Now, they are seeking monetary damages plus their attorneys' fees (which are not going to be small, given the huge number of hours they have likely already billed on just the first case alone) and are demanding a jury trial! So if it weren't bad enough that they are wasting the court's time with one trial, now they are going to waste even more of the court's time AND the time of a dozen innocent jurors who could be out living their productive lives. If you'll recall back to the first suit, the city manager himself claimed publicly to the Union Leader:
"This is not about revenue. This is not about the city losing any money," - City Manager John A. MacLean
>From the new suit:
37. The City has suffered damages, all within the jurisdictional limits of the Court, for the following: a. Loss of an employee; b. A modified schedule for another employee because of the Defendants' behavior; c. Hiring costs to replace the lost employee; d. Monetary and administrative expenses with regard to counseling and other Human Resource issues; and e. The PEOs' inability to properly perform their employment duties.
Item "e" is another way of them saying "LOST REVENUE".  Looks like the truth has come out.  It IS really all about their lost revenue...and the continued attempt to crush the liberty activists in the area.  The defendants must file appearances and answers in the case within 30 days of being served with the case.  Here is the 2nd lawsuit against Robin Hooders in PDF form, as filed in Cheshire "superior" court on Monday 9/23.

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Ian Freeman