US Sen Shaheen - This is dangerous

Jeanne Shaheen


Extreme factions of Republicans in the House and Senate are threatening to shut down the government and stop numerous daily government services.

They are willing to hurt American workers and families to advance their ideology. Their goal is to delay or defund the Affordable Care Act, which is set to go into effect beginning October 1.

This is a wrongful, dangerous approach. A government shutdown could have a serious negative impact on our economy, causing unnecessary pain to millions while we are still digging out of the recession.

It is unacceptable for Republicans to harm families in a game of political posturing and bickering.

We need to send that message – before it's too late. Just last night Sen. Ted Cruz was playing politics rather than working to find a solution by filibustering Obamacare on the Senate floor. Will you join me in calling on Republican leaders to do the right thing?

Families can’t be treated as collateral damage.

Click here to tell Washington Republicans not to go through with their plan to shut down our government.

There’s plenty of room for debate over the Affordable Care Act. I voted for it in 2010 because I believe it is an important first step in reforming a broken health care system that costs too much and does too little.

However, what’s going on in Washington now isn’t debate. It’s closer to extortion.

Right now, we need Republicans to join us in responsibly funding our government and preventing default. Then we can have reasoned debate over how best to provide health care coverage to citizens without it.

Join me in calling on Republicans to drop their dangerous shutdown plan.

Thank you for your support,