ALG's Daily Grind - Ted Cruz's real filibuster

Sept. 26, 2013

Ted Cruz's real filibuster

Many in the D.C. establishment misunderstand Ted Cruz's real goal in speaking for 21 hours straight- his goal is to Make D.C. Listen.

Cartoon: Ted Cruz vs. the Establishment

Texas senator and GOP establishment reveal their differing strategies to roll back Obamacare.

EPA's McCarthy: Climate policies do not affect the climate

EPA administrator Gina McCarthy admits that the EPA's economically destructive regulations are more about positioning the Administration internationally then about meeting the very metrics of success or failure they created in the first place

Colombo: How emerging markets went from 'Hot' to 'Not' in four short months

"Up until a few months ago, emerging markets were widely heralded as the next great "growth engine" that would drive the global economy forward as the ailing economies of the U.S., Europe and Japan took a back seat in the wake of the global financial crisis. Unfortunately, the events of recent months have sent emerging market assets reeling and capital pouring out even faster than it flowed in."