Political Headlines - September 27, 2013

  • Shutdown fear brings appeal for funds: Lawmakers and political committees - from Senator Elizabeth Warren to start-up Tea Party groups - have used this moment of potential chaos to ask for money. Noah Bierman reports from Washington.
  • Police pay may entangle candidates: Boston police patrolmen are expected to receive a major arbitration award that could thrust a high-profile labor dispute into the heated mayoral race. Andrew Ryan and Maria Cramer report. 
  • Mayoral rivals spar on outside donations: Political reporter Wesley Lowery details the tension that has developed in the Boston mayoral campaign in just two days. At issue: whether to take the so-called People's Pledge against accepting funds spent by special-interest groups on a candidate's behalf.
  • On race and races: Defining mayoral candidates Marty Walsh and John Connolly as Irish pols is accurate, but misleadingly narrow. Columnist Kevin Cullen weighs in on the mayoral race.
  • Where are the GOP grown-ups?: The Republican Party's supposed congressional leaders need to make their own voices heard - lest they be drowned out altogether, writes columnist Scot Lehigh.
  • Capuano to run for reelection, not governor: State House bureau chief Frank Phillips details that one of the Democratic party's most serious contenders for next year's primary gubernatorial election will not seek the nomination.