NRSC - Will Shaheen Put New Hampshire First?

Jeanne Shaheen's Decision:
Put New Hampshire First or Double Down on ObamaCare

This weekend, Majority Leader Harry Reid is giving New Hampshire Democrat Jeanne Shaheen one last opportunity to save her Senate seat.

During legislative business this weekend, Majority Leader Harry Reid will likely offer a motion to strike the "defund Obamacare provision" that was included in the continuing resolution (CR) passed by the House. Should he do so, the Senate will then vote on the measure including funds for ObamaCare.

Republicans will oppose the measure, leaving Jeanne Shaheen with a choice:

  1. She can continue to put President Barack Obama first by voting to add funding for ObamaCare in a CR passed by the House of Representatives to keep the government operating, or;
  2. She can finally stand up for middle-class workers and families in New Hampshire by saying enough is enough and finally stop funding the highly unpopular health care law. 

Jeanne Shaheen has repeatedly tied herself to and defended the unpopular health care law that Democrats rammed through Congress in 2010 and that Granite Staters oppose. But Shaheen will now have a small window of opportunity to either dismantle ObamaCare once and for all, or double down on this costly overhaul. 

It's no secret that ObamaCare will impact Granite Staters: from the employers who are forced to cut workers to avoid costs from ObamaCare; to the families and individuals facing higher premiums and potentially losing their doctor.

The Associated Press reported: "When new health insurance markets launch next week, the sticker-price premiums for a mid-range plan in New Hampshire will be a bit higher than the national average. The federal government released an overview of premiums and plan choices under the Affordable Care Act on Tuesday. It said the average individual premium for a benchmark policy known as the "second-lowest cost silver plan" was $328 nationally and $360 in New Hampshire. Those are the prices before tax credits that work like an upfront discount."

The data is simple: 52% of Americans - and 6 in 10 women - oppose ObamaCare.  Who will Jeanne Shaheen listen to?

"Jeanne Shaheen has a choice - she can finally live up to her promise to put New Hampshire first, or she can double down on ObamaCare which is causing health care costs to rise, workers' hours to be cut back, and jobs to be eliminated in New Hampshire,"  said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen.