ALG's Daily Grind - Can John Cornyn count to 60?

Can John Cornyn count to 60?

ALG's Mehrens on the "wait until 2015 to repeal Obamacare" brigade: "Republicans will still most likely lack the votes to even get to cloture on such a bill and most certainly will lack the votes to overcome a presidential veto."

Common Core: Obama is right, Bush is to blame

The arrest of a parent attempting to ask questions of his elected school board members regarding the controversial Common Core curriculum did more to educate people about this change than all the white papers that could have ever been written.

Obama's war on energy is not 'unbelievably small' at all

Look closely at the energy-related news stories of the past dozen or so days, and, between the lines, you'll see a theme: government makes predictions and assertions that cannot be backed up by data to protect or project preferred messaging.

Business Insider: Minneapolis Fed President explains the next missile it might fire at the economy

Narayana Kocherlakota: "Doing whatever it takes will mean keeping a historically unusual amount of monetary stimulus in place—and possibly providing more stimulus."