NHDP - Disgraced Rep. O’Brien Still The Face Of The NHGOP

Concord – While Bill O’Brien is no longer Speaker of the House he is still the face of New Hampshire Republicans and national embarrassment for the Granite State.  In case you missed it yesterday, his outrageous and disgusting comparison between the Fugitive Slave Act and health reform was called out by the President of the United States on national television - a sample of some of the coverage is below.
Union Leader: “Obama, during a Maryland speech defending the Affordable Care Act on Thursday, cited O'Brien's comparison of "Obamacare" to the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 during an anti-Obamacare rally sponsored by the conservative Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire issues advocacy group... O'Brien, who had considered running for the U.S. House but announced in late August he would not, told us, "It's unfortunate that a President in his second term has not been able to depart from his history of being a rabble-rouser and community organizer...” [Union Leader, 9/26/2013]
Wall Street Journal:  “I mean, these are quotes,” [Obama] added. “I’m not making this stuff up.” Indeed, he wasn’t. … In August, Mr. O’Brien spoke at an Americans for Prosperity rally in New Hampshire and likened the Affordable Care Act to an 1850 pro-slavery federal law.” [Wall Street Journal, 9/26/2013]
New Hampshire Public Radio: “In a speech in Maryland on Thursday, President Barack Obama defended his health care law by making reference to what he described as outlandish and "desperate" rhetoric. Among the claims he referenced was that of Republican Rep. Bill O'Brien of Mont Vernon, the former Speaker of the House.” [NHPR, 9/26/2013]
CONCORD MONITOR HEADLINE: “In health care speech, Obama mocks O’Brien’s Fugitive Slave Act comparison” [Concord Monitor, 9/27/2013]
Nashua Telegraph: “At an Aug. 1 rally in Concord, O’Brien, a Mont Vernon Republican and former House speaker who at the time was considering a run for Congress, criticized Obama’s 2010 health care reform law… The closer we get, the more desperate they get. I mean, over the last few weeks, the rhetoric has just been cranked up to a place I’ve never seen before,” Obama said.” [Nashua Telegraph Page A3, 9/27/2013]
NH Patch: “In a speech on Thursday, President Barack Obama referenced a state representative "somewhere" who said Obamacare was "as destructive to personal and individual liberty as the Fugitive Slave Act. The "somewhere" Obama referenced was, in fact, New Hampshire, and the state lawmaker in question was former House Speaker Bill O'Brien (R-Mont Vernon). The remark was made back on Aug. 1, when O'Brien spoke at an Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire picnic at the Statehouse in Concord.” [NH Patch, 9/26/2013]
NBC News: “Without naming him, Obama quoted New Hampshire state lawmaker Bill O'Brien, who called Obamacare ‘a law as destructive to personal and individual liberty as the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850.’ ‘All this would be funny if it wasn't so crazy,’ he added.” [NBC, 9/26/2013]
MSNBC: “President Obama, for his part, has lambasted GOPers for fear mongering about his healthcare act… referring to New Hampshire state Lawmaker Bill O’Brien. ‘Think about that. Affordable health care is worse than a law that let slave owners get their runaway slaves back. I mean, these are quotes. I’m not making this stuff up.’ [MSNBC, 9/26/2013]
Huffington Post: “Other Republicans have warned the law will lead to ‘Armageddon,’ he said, and one state representative called it ‘as destructive to personal and individual liberties as the Fugitive Slave Act.’ The latter comment came from New Hampshire state Rep. Bill O’Brien.” [Huffington Post, 9/26/2013]
WMUR: “While speaking to community college students in Maryland about the Affordable Care Act on Thursday, President Barack Obama appeared to call out former New Hampshire House Speaker Bill O'Brien. This is not something that happens every day.” [WMUR, 9/26/2013]