CEI Today: Global warming reality, Europe's reality, and the late Ronald Coase

Wednesday, September 4, 2013
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NRO: The Guardian Rejects Your Reality

Over at the perpetual gathering of hand-wringers and something-must-be-doners known as the Guardian editorial page, there is a particularly interesting example of exasperation over the phenomenon formerly known as global warming:

There is, however, a serious debate about why the observed temperatures have not kept pace with computer-modelled predictions and where the heat that should have registered on the global thermometer has hidden itself.

In other words, there is a serious debate about why reality has not kept pace with what the great and good think reality should be. Looks like reality will be getting a failing grade again this year. 3/10. Must try harder.
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> Interview Iain Murray

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Global Post: Europe’s economy needs a real dose of pro-market reform

The problem with recent economic analysis in Europe is that economists, journalists and politicians have focused excessively on gross domestic product (GDP), an approach that often leads to oversimplified and inaccurate conclusions.

Instead, for lasting, real economic performance, European policymakers should undertake a heavy dose of pro-market economic reform
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> Interview Matthew Melchiorre

Ronald Coase Was The Greatest Of The Many Great University Of Chicago Economists


Perhaps Coase’s greatest contribution was his understanding that wealth creation stemmed from the voluntary exchange agreements of two or more parties, but that such agreements were often blocked by transaction costs.

> Read the Forbes commentary by Fred L. Smith, Jr.

> Watch Smith's interview with Ronald Coase







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Consequences of Net Neutrality

In 2010, the FCC issued regulations to implement net neutrality. The resulting legal challenge is about to hit the D.C. Circuit Court. CEI's Wayne Crews explains why net neutrality policies would hamper innovation and reduce competition in high-tech infrastructure. > Listen to the podcast

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