Cooler Heads Digest 30 August 2013

30 August 2013


Due to the Labor Day holiday and Congress’s continuing recess, this week we are sending out a shorter-than-usual Cooler Heads Digest. The full Digest will return next week. Have a great long weekend.

In the News

Fossil Fuel Self-Defense
Alex Epstein, Master Resource, 30 August 2013

Green Virginia? McAuliffe, Cuccinelli Face Off on Energy
Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller, 30 August 2013

As Coal Plants Close, UK Faces a Power Crunch
Thomas Grose, National Geographic, 29 August 2013

Declaring War on Warmth
Kevin Mooney, Washington Times, 28 August 2013

Time for BBC to Ban the “D” Word?
James Delingpole, Telegraph, 27 August 2013

Offshore Wind Is No Bargain for Massachusetts Residents
Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Washington Examiner, 27 August 2013

EPA Doesn’t Have To Tell Anyone Anything, Or Does It?
Lawson Bader, Human Events, 26 August 2103

Anti-Fracking Activists Deny Science
Steve Everley, Energy in Depth, 23 August 2013

News You Can Use
MIT Professor: Global Warming Is a Religion

This week, the peer-reviewed Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons published an article by Richard Lindzen, MIT Professor of atmospheric sciences, emeritus, titled “Science in the Public Square: Global Climate Alarmism and Historical Precedents." In the article, Proefessor Lindzen critiques how global warming has become a celebrity cause among an “iron triangle” of alarmism, consisting of academia, professional environmentalists, and politicians.  According to Professor Lindzen,

“Global Warming has become a religion. A surprisingly large number of people seem to have concluded that all that gives meaning to their lives is the belief that they are saving the planet by paying attention to their carbon footprint. There may be a growing realization that this may not add all that much meaning to one’s life, but, outside the pages of the Wall Street Journal, this has not been widely promulgated, and people with no other source of meaning will defend their religion with jihadist zeal.”

Michael Bastasch further discusses Lindzen’s article in the Daily Caller.

Marlo Lewis

Did Natural Variability Cause Most of the Late 20th Century Warming?

“My mind has been blown by a new paper just published in Nature,” writes Georgia Tech Professor Judith Curry on her blog, Climate, Etc. The study, by Yu Kosaka of Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Shang Ping-Xie of Scripps and the Ocean University of China, finds that internal climate variability – a naturally-occurring decadal cooling of the tropical Pacific Ocean – explains the 15-year hiatus in global warming.

Figure 1(b) of the study shows a close match during 1975-1998 (the main warming period of the late 20th century) between Kosaka and Xie’s estimate of warming due to natural internal variability (0.4°C) and their estimate of warming due to internal variability plus anthropogenic greenhouse gases (0.64°C).

Those numbers definitely seem to suggest that internal variability accounts for MORE than half the observed warming. Of course, that’s exactly the reverse of the most widely-quoted conclusion of the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report (AR4): “Most of the observed increase in global average temperatures since the mid-20th century is very likely due to the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations.”

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