AmericanPrinciplesProject - Lehrman on Kudlow (2 of 3)

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Last week, APIA advisory board member and founder of the Lehrman Institute Lewis E. Lehrman made 3 appearances on CNBC’s Kudlow Report to discuss growth and the economy.  Below is a link to the second Kudlow segment, in which Lehrman discusses how the conflict in Syria affects the economy.  Lehrman also notes how the Arab Spring affected lower markets and rising oil prices long before the Syrian civil war heated up.   Interestingly, his comments mirrored a 2012 article on the subject, which predicted a rise in oil prices based on Fed intervention and the Arab spring, as well as the media cycle blaming the rise on an individual event after the fact.

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PS  The final segment goes over the effects of taxes and oil prices on the middle class, as well as the potential for more economic uncertainty next year.