CEI Weekly: Ronald Coase Dies at 102

Featured Story: Ronald Coase Dies at 102


Nobel-winning economist Ronald Coase died on Monday atthe age of 102. CEI Founder Fred L. Smith, Jr. honored Coase's contributions to modern economics in a Forbes column, and CEI released footage of a 2004 conversation between Smith and Coase about market pricing, healthcare, antitrust and more. Watch the video here.


CEI Video


September 4, 2013: This Gas Is Dow's Gas (Watch here)


Dow Chemical has launched an aggressive campaign to get federal regulators to interfere with natural gas exports. In response, the Competitive Enterprise Institute  released a new song and video ridiculing the company for the maneuver: “This Gas Is Dow’s Gas,” based on the tune of a famous Woody Guthrie song.

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