GOV. GARY JOHNSON - Tell Congress: Don’t Bomb Syria



I’m going to keep this short. We only have a few days to stop the United States from launching yet another ill-advised military intervention on the other side of the globe.


After first insisting he didn’t need it, President Obama has decided to seek approval from Congress before launching missiles or dropping bombs on Syria. While the whole idea of intervening militarily in Syria’s civil war is a bad one, asking Congress for authorization is the right thing to do.


Now it is time for us to step up and do our part as concerned Americans who abhor the use of chemical weapons, but do not see how launching an attack on Syria will serve ANYONE’s interest, especially the Syrian people’s -- or make us safer here in the United States.


Now that Congress will have a say in the decision to launch the missiles -- or not, we have a few short days to let our Senators and Representatives know that military intervention is a bad plan, plain and simple. Emails and phone calls to Senators and Members of Congress make a difference, especially if they receive a lot of them.  


To contact your Senators, simply go to U.S. Senate. For your Representative, go to U.S. House. Send a short email or call their offices, and tell them “NO” to a military intervention that will only hurt America’s interests.


In addition to sending emails such as this to our supporters and friends, the Our America Initiative will be utilizing social media -- Facebook, Twitter, etc. -- to encourage hundreds of thousands of Americans to also contact Congress. We need your help to do that.  Go to Our America and make a contribution of $10, $25, $50 or more that we will use to reach as many people as possible to urge them to act.


Contact your Senators and Representatives TODAY. They will likely be voting next week.  We can stop Obama’s plan to launch missiles and drop bombs into a war that is not ours to fight.


Thanks for your help! Together, we can prevent the politicians from making a very serious mistake.


Gov. Gary Johnson


Honorary Chairman





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