NHDP Calls on GOP Politicians in Concord to Stop Playing Politics with NH’s Health

Concord – New Hampshire Republicans need to stop playing dangerous and partisan political games with Granite Staters health care services.  The latest hypocritical and irresponsible attack from Senate President Chuck Morse is yet another reminder of Republicans taking every opportunity to attack and sabotage the Affordable Care Act, without regard to the impact their reckless actions could have on families and small businesses across the state. 
“New Hampshire Republicans in Concord complaining about the implementation of New Hampshire’s health benefit marketplace, have no one to yell at but themselves,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  “In their radical right-wing crusade against Obamacare, Republicans sabotaged and incapacitated state-level oversight and involvement in the Affordable Care Act at every turn while ignoring the harmful implications their reckless actions could have on people across the state.  Now these same Republicans are complaining about the lack of oversight and local control. They would be a hilarious joke if not for the serious impact of their embarrassing political stunts.”
Across the country Republicans have engaged in a deliberate policy to derail Obamacare.  In New Hampshire, Republicans have encouraged people to try and game the system by not getting insurance until they are sick.  [Twitter, 8/21/2013; Nashua Telegraph, 8/12/2013]  Elected New Hampshire Republicans have even compared health reform to a fatal plane crash and slavery.  The scheme is part of a radical national rightwing plan to “Sabotage” Obamacare ahead of Midterm Elections for GOP political gain. [Reuters, 7/25/2013]  The Washington Post called such steps, “worse than misguided.”
“Without any new ideas or policies Republicans have no choice to but to disrupt the implementation of cost saving health reform but that doesn’t make it right,” continued Kirstein.  “The NHGOP has been actively struggling to cause problems for New Hampshire citizens trying to access affordable health insurance – it is a vile, shameful, and dishonest scheme.”