NHDP - In Case You Missed It: Lambert "Reached Out" for O'Brien's Endorsement

Concord - Just minutes after launching his congressional campaign, Tea Party Republican Gary Lambert revealed to the Nashua Telegraph that he had already begun seeking disgraced former Speaker Bill O'Brien's endorsement.  “I’ve always reached out to Bill and will continue to do so,” Lambert told the Telegraph after being asked about a possible O'Brien endorsement.  In the State Senate, Lambert spent two years as a rubberstamp for O'Brien's reckless and irresponsible agenda, making the largest cut to public higher education in American history, killing hundreds of New Hampshire jobs, and imposing new restrictions on women's health care.  New  Hampshire voters overwhelmingly rejected Bill O'Brien's candidates and radical ideology in 2012, just as they will reject Gary Lambert in 2014.

Nashua Telegraph: Former Republican state Sen. Gary Lambert, of Nashua, declares himself a candidate for Congress
“The system appears to be broken,” he said. “Gridlock has replaced progress, and leadership is in short supply. In this time of deep uncertainty, it’s the middle class that suffers the most.”
Lambert said he is retiring after 35 years in the Marine Corps Reserves and decided the best way to continue serving the country was to run for Congress, which clearly needs help.
“The place is dysfunctional,” Lambert said. “I think it’s time for a new batch of leaders. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and, quite frankly, I think it’s my time.”
Lambert also touched on President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, saying “this piece of legislation is so burdensome, so harmful to the economy, even the Obama administration is now trying to delay the implementation of a lot of its aspects,” he said.
“If you send me to Washington, I will vote to repeal that job-crushing piece of legislation,” he said.
Later, when speaking with reporters, he was pressed on the current situation in Syria.
Lambert didn’t provide his own plan for any potential intervention but focused on the current administration’s actions.
“I haven’t seen a strategy given by this administration that I can support,” Lambert said. “I’m used to a commander-in-chief coming out with a strategy. Lobbing a bunch of cruise missiles or Tomahawk missiles into Syria, I don’t see that as a plan or a strategy. I would like to see a strategy put out by the president.”
The former state senator shrugged off the tea party label, saying the only labels he puts on himself are “father, husband, Marine and Republican” and that he’s willing to live with those.
Lambert answered a question on the potential of receiving an endorsement from former House Speaker William O’Brien, of Mont Vernon, who recently dropped out of the same race and has been critical of Lambert in the past.
“I’ve always reached out to Bill and will continue to do so,” he said. “I’d be happy to take every single Republican’s endorsement, including Bill’s.
“I reached out to everyone. He’s out there, like a lot of Republicans. Some are waiting to see what I’m about, and until today, it hasn’t really been official.”
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