Senate President Morse Comments on Obama Care Network Restrictions

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For Immediate Release:

September 5, 2013


Concord, NH – Senate President Chuck Morse, R-Salem, issued the following statement today concerning reports of significant reductions in Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield’s hospital network as a result of Obama Care:

“When President Obama was selling his national health care plan to the families and businesses of New Hampshire, he assured us that health insurance would be affordable and patients would be able to keep their family doctors.  Sadly, with each passing day, we are finding that the president’s promises are hollow.

“The thousands of Granite Staters who receive health insurance though the individual market, and all those the President is looking to sign-up though the federal exchange program, need to know someone is looking out for them.  It is troubling the executive branch knew about these impending reductions for over two months, saw fit to send them to the federal government for approval, and through it all said nothing to the people who will be directly affected by the changes -- many of whom will lose access to the doctors they have known their entire lives. 

“In the days ahead, we look forward to working with the governor’s office and the Insurance Department to understand why these restrictions were necessary and what steps we can take to ensure New Hampshire residents will continue to have access to high-quality medical care close to home.”




WMUR:  Health insurance exchange under scrutiny in Concord 

“’It's everything we've been talking about for five years, about how it's going to limit access, increase prices and make it more difficult to get the quality care you deserve,’ said Sen. Andy Sanborn, R-Bedford.  Enrollment for the insurance exchanges begins on Oct. 1 and could require as many as 60,000 New Hampshire residents to join or face a federal tax penalty. … Few specifics have been publicly released about the individual plans, including copays and deductibles.  ‘We're seeing the beginning of rationing in New Hampshire, and I suspect prices are still going to go up,’ said Sen. Jeb Bradley, R-Wolfeboro.”


Nashua Telegraph:  Anthem limits number hospitals in NH from which insurance exchange members can seek care

“Starting Jan. 1, Southern New Hampshire Regional Medical Center and 11 other hospitals will not serve patients who get individual health insurance through exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, officials with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield confirmed Wednesday.  Critics quickly said this change will force residents in Concord, the Seacoast and the North Country to travel farther to get to a hospital or their own doctor’s office.  Anthem will use this “narrower network” for all customers with individual insurance whether they are in or out of the exchange also known as the marketplace, Anthem lobbyist Paula Rogers told the Joint Health Care Reform Oversight committee.”


Union Leader:  Many NH hospitals cut from Anthem insurance list

“The two Republican senators on the committee, Jeb Bradley, R-Wolfeboro, and Andy Sanborn, R-Bedford, criticized both the Affordable Care Act and state regulators for not being willing to discuss the details of Anthem’s planned network.  With reports of only one hospital in Coos County in the network and no access to out-of-state specialty hospitals, Bradley said, he does not understand why the insurance department could not talk about a plan it approved.  ‘It is astonishing to me we are going to introduce the rationing of health care in New Hampshire,’ Bradley said, ‘and we are not talking about it.’”