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You will be allowed to keep your doctor.


This is one of the top claims of ObamaCare… and as demonstrated this week, the latest in a long line of broken promises made about this law to the American people.


Anthem, who has a monopoly in the ObamaCare exchange, set to open on October 1, will only offer care in 14 of the state’s 26 hospitals. This means that under ObamaCare individuals who live in the service areas of the other 12 hospitals will NO LONGER have access to those facilities in their network.


The list of hospitals NOT COVERED in the ObamaCare exchange includes: Concord Hospital, Portsmouth Hospital, Southern NH Medical Center in Nashua, Parkland Hospital in Derry and Frisbie Memorial Hospital in Rochester.


If you live in Concord, Portsmouth, Derry or Rochester, chances are that you won’t get to keep your same doctor, or be able to get care at your local hospital


Many of the working families of New Hampshire, and in particular many women and children, have built long-lasting, trust relationships with their doctors. Thanks to ObamaCare, those relationships may be severed.


In addition, even with the slashing of the hospital network that will mean that thousands of New Hampshire citizens won’t be able to keep their doctor or their hospital, health insurance premiums through the exchange and individual market could still go up by 15 percent or more, thanks to ObamaCare.


CLICK HERE to calculate your ObamaCare risk factors and to view our latest ad calling into question the promises of this already failing federal healthcare take-over.


We were promised - You will be allowed to keep your doctor.

The reality is thousands of New Hampshire working families will not.


We were promised ObamaCare would make healthcare more affordable.

The reality is that even with the reduction in accessibility, premiums may go up by 15% or more.


The only question remaining is – what ObamaCare promise will be broken next?!


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Live Free or Die!


Greg Moore

State Director

Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire


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