NHDP Statement on NHGOP Voter Fraud Scandal

Concord  - New Hampshire Democratic Party Communication Director Harrell Kirstein release the following statement on revelations that a family member of Republican Majority Leader Jeb Bradley voting twice in the same election while registered at his home.

"If the NHGOP is actually looking for voter fraud they should start the search their own Majority Leader's backyard. Mr. Bradley clearly voted twice during the 2008 election, once in Colorado and once in New Hampshire to help get his father back to Washington DC.  It is wrong for someone to vote twice in the same election, just as it is wrong for politicians to try to influence elections by discouraging voters that don’t agree with them.

"It is deeply concerning that someone so close to a Republican candidate and party leader would engage in this kind of unethical and illegal behavior and it raises seriously questions about who else was involved. Did Jeb Bradley aid in the illegal voting that occurred at his home? Was the Bradley for Congress campaign aware of anyone else committing similar actions?"