Political Headlines - September 9, 2013

  • Saudis back US as Assad gives warning: Saudi Arabia would join France in supporting a US-led strike, although it is unclear whether the Saudis would provide military assistance. Matt Viser reports. 


  • Menino pushes plan to boost housing:  Mayor Thomas Menino's goal to build 30,000 homes, which calls for $16.5 billion in public and private investment, could significantly alter the housing landscape. Casey Ross details the project. 


  • What matters in Southie: The people that City Council candidate Suzanne Lee talks to aren't asking about who's going to host next year's St. Patrick's Day breakfast. Adrian Walker reports. 


  • Bill Walczak is no stranger to challenges: Walczak, who helped revive Dorchester's Codman Square, is making the case that he is the only candidate in the race bold enough to lead Boston forward. Meghan E. Irons details the campaign. 


  • The strength not to react with force: American unilateralism, presidential overreach, the myth of stopping violence with more violence - all of this would be different if the US rejected a military strike against Syria. James Carroll reports.