NHDP - NH To Gary Lambert: You Don’t Need To Be A Man To Be In Congress

oncord – After Republican Congressional Candidate Gary Lambert took to twitter to tout the need for a man to be the Second District’s member of Congress, Granite Staters have four words for him: Not in New Hampshire. On twitter, Lambert repeated and thanked a conservative activist for commenting “We need a man with Military Experience Representing 2nd Dist. NH.”

“Why does Mr. Lambert think that a man is better suited to represent New Hampshire’s second district in Congress?  He should repudiate that out of touch comment from his supporter and apologize for spreadingit as his own,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley.  “New Hampshire has a long history of elected women in high profile leadership positions making enormous contributions to our state.”

In 2008, New Hampshire made history electing the world’s first female majority legislative body in the world.  In 2012, the Granite State was once against hammering at the glass ceiling, electing the first all-female Congressional delegation in American history.  Jeanne Shaheen remains the only woman in the United States to serve as both a Governor and U.S. Senator.

“If Gary Lambert thinks half the population is less capable of representing their friends and neighbors in Congress, how could those voters ever trust that he will stand for up them? The fact is that they can’t, Lambert’s reckless agenda has been clear from day one and fighting for all Granite States has never been part of it,” added Buckley.