CEI - Triclosan: The hunt for your hand soap.

Green Campaign Against Anti-Bacterial Soap Threatens People with Immune Disorders

Triclosan Witch Hunt is Dangerous and Deadly.

WASHINGTON, D.C., JAN, 9 – Triclosan is found in many products we use every day, from soap to toothpaste, and often proves helpful for people with compromised immune systems -- but it won't be around long if green activist groups have their way. Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Angela Logomasini examines the witch hunt against triclosan in a new CEI paper available here.

"Unfortunately," she states, "green hype has led federal regulators to force companies to try to do the impossible—prove that their products pose no risk or remove them from the market. But nothing in life is risk free. Rather, the question is whether products provide more benefits than risks, which is clearly the case with the chemical triclosan."

The benefits of triclosan are numerous. People with compromised immune systems or chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases are often susceptible to life-threatening illness from even minor exposure to bacteria. But, the regulatory machine keeps ticking away at the expense of private enterprise and innovation.

"Private firms risk their very survival if their products do harm—which gives them far stronger incentives than that of unaccountable bureaucrats and government-funded researchers who never experience direct consequences for their decisions or research findings." Logomasini continues. "Private research focuses on making decisions in a timely manner so that businesses can sell valuable products that consumers want and enjoy, rather than focusing on politics, funding, and defending regulatory turf."
Read Angela Logomasini's full OnPoint essay here.

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