ALG's Daily Grind - Obama's class warfare pivot


Jan. 10, 2014


Obama's class warfare pivot
In danger of becoming a lame duck for the last three years of his presidency, Barack Obama's pivoting to the politics of envy in hopes to keep himself relevant.

Cartoon: Traffic outrage
The media is outraged the Chris Christie administration that it used state power to harass political opponents.

Slideshow: Obama donor tapped to head investigation into IRS Tea Party targeting
Barbara Kay Bosserman, a trial lawyer for the DOJ who happened to donate $6,000 to Obama, has been selected to head the investigation into the widely-reported prejudicial targeting of potentially thousands of the president's political adversaries by the executive agency trusted to enforce tax and non-profit laws. 50 years later, the war on poverty is lost
War on Poverty's 50th anniversary: "A record 46.5 million Americans are still counted as poor, and the share of those living in poverty — 15 percent and rising today vs. 19 percent and falling in 1964 — is close to what it was when Johnson sounded the trumpet."