CEI Today: EPA seizes state program, FCC chairman on net neutrality, and the crude oil export ban

Monday, January 13, 2014
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Globalwarming.org: EPA Seizes Wyoming Regional Haze Program (Agency’s 53rd State Takeover Since Obama Took Office)

EPA last Friday issued the prepublication version of a federal takeover of Wyoming’s Regional Haze program. This is the 3rd federal implementation plan imposed by EPA during Obama’s second term, and the 53rd since he took office in January 2009. By comparison, there had been 2 FIPs imposed by EPA during the 12 years prior to President Obama’s election. Rather than serving an actual purpose, EPA’s Wyoming takeover is just another salvo in the war on coal.> Read more

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Openmarket.org: Is FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler for or against Net Neutrality? Yes


In what the Washington Post referred to as Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler’s strongest endorsement yet of net neutrality, he said, in part, that "public policy should protect the great driving force of the open Internet."


I see matters opposite from the proponents of net neutrality; I think variations in pricing and service are essential, as is the creation of future generations of networks, which can’t happen optimally without such fundamental property rights. (Yes, property rights.)  > Read more

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National Journal: When Conservatism Collides With America’s Oil Boom

"The jitters about energy independence are shared by House members as well as the general public," said Marlo Lewis, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a conservative, libertarian think tank. "There are a lot of people who still look at these issues through the memories of the 1970s, and that's a political reality." > Read more

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Lawson Bader, president of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, doesn't disagree that the U.S. economy is performing at a subpar level. But he said Reich's answers reflect a mechanistic view that government can turn knobs and dials and fix things.

"It is a distraction from the real question of how do we have a viable and dynamic economy," he said, arguing that the answer involves removing uncertainty and excess regulation.
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